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White Beeswax

Our Beeswax is produced from the natural secretion of Honey Bees. This classic, versatile wax is used in a variety of applications from lip-care through to hair, skin care & candle products. This natural wax that has been filtered & then pelletised to increase the products usability. The difference with white beeswax is that it has been gently refined to remove the yellow coloring of the natural wax. This is one of the more popular waxes due to its ease of use in a number of different applications.

Beeswax is popular in many cosmetic products because of the way it forms a protective barrier on the skin, trapping moisture and keeping it hydrated. It is also often used as a thickener and to help harden soap bars. White beeswax is often used for cosmetics and soaps because it allows colours to be added without having the natural colour affect the outcome.

Strong emollient capabilities.

A common emulsifying agent ingredient.

A decent melting Point: 62-69 Degrees C.


INCI Listing – Cera Alba Wax

CAS Number – 8012-89-3

EINCS Number – 232-383-7

Customs Tariff Code – 1521 9091 00


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