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Ultimate Collection Wax Dyes

Complete collection scoopable wax dyes

30 X highly concentrated scoopable candle and wax melt dyes in a 40g pots for easy dispensing.


Pumpkin, Orange Red, Tangerine Orange, Bright Yellow, Dark Orange, Caramel, Cooled Blue, Blue Green,

Blue Black, Carolina blue, Lemon Yellow, Salmon, Lilac, Violet, Mint Green, Peach Orange, Royal Purple,

Blue Grey, Lavender, Aqua Green, Punch Pink, Pale Yellow, Blue, Cerise Pink, Bright Pink, Pastel Red,

Fluorescent Yellow, Gold Fish Orange, Chocolate, Peach.


Our dyes are soy wax based and designed to be used in paraffin wax, vegetable wax, soy wax, gel wax.

Our scoopable dyes are a professional grade and the most soluble colourant available. Use them when you want a candle to be dyed throughout (not over-dipping). They can be easily mixed together to create other colours. They are extremely concentrated.

1-5g of dye wax will colour approx 1kg of wax. The more  you use the more intense the colour.

These are 40g Pots




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