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Patent Blue V Lake Cosmetic Powder Dye


Product Description

Our powdered colours are super concentrated and a little really does go a long way. You can create stunning bath art with these vibrant bright colours that once in the bath will create amazing non staining coloured water. These colours are sure to make your wash off products POP with a burst of bright colour.

A LAKE PIGMENT is an insoluble material that colours by dispersion.

Lakes are basically a pigment which has been manufactured from a dye by precipitating a soluble dye with a metallic salt. The resulting pigment is called a lake pigment.

Lakes are produced from the FD&C Dyes and are oil dispersible (but generally not oil soluble) and as such they can be mixed with oils, fats and sugars. They can also be dispersed in other carriers such as propylene glycol, glycerin and sucrose (water and sugar).

Lakes are created in specific concentrations of the Dye which is used.

Our cosmetic colours are supplied in a concentrated powdered form and can be used for a wide range of applications including:

Bath Bombs

Bubble Bars

Melt & Pour Soap

whipped Soap

Liquid Bubble Bath

Shower Gel

Bath Salts

Whipped Scrubs


All our powered colours can be mixed together to achieve other colours. We recommend you test a small quantity first to achieve the colour required and if necessary you can add more. ‘Blooming’ are colours in various ingredients will alter the colour, but the true colour appears when it hits the water. For example If you are using our colours in bath bombs they will look completely different in clear and opaque soap bases.

E Number: E131
Colour Index ™ Name: Food Blue 5:1
Colour Index ™ Number: CI 42051:1
CAS Number: 20262-76-4
EC Number: 243-654-4

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