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Foaming Bath Salts Making Assessment – Christmas Scents

Foaming Salts making Assessment Christmas Scents

After purchasing our foaming salts making assessment you will be emailed a tried and tested recipes that will allow you as much flexibility as possible to make many colours and scents of foaming salts. This assessment allows each fragrance to be made in any colour or combination of colours with any glitters / micas as required. Fragrance oils cannot be blended, but any combination of the colours, micas, glitters can. You can also have the option fragrance free.


The assessment contains the Fizzywhiz recipe and HOW TO guide. This will be emailed to you after purchase. Please read all information before purchasing.


The base ingredients are:

Bicarbonate Soda

Citric Acid


Corn Starch

Himalayan Salts

Epsom Salts

Dead Sea Salts

Sweet Almond Oil

Fragrance Oils

Cosmetic Dyes




11 Fragrance Oils:

Candy Cane

Christmas Cookie

Christmas Kiss

Cranberry Cocktail

Frankincense & Myrrh

Ginger Spice

Orange Amere & Star Anise

Santas Cookies

Sweet Orange

Winter Cherry & Ginger Frosting

Winter Spice


10 Water Soluble Dyes:

Yellow – CI19140

Blue – CI42090

Apple green – CI42090 – CI19140

Red – CI16035

Fluorescent Pink – CI45100

Orange – CI40215

Violet – CI60730

Pink – CI45410

Green Blue CI61570

Turquoise CI74180


10 Biodegradable Glitters:


Royal Blue



Holo Silver


Bright yellow Gold

Platinum Gold

Bright Pink

Emerald Green


10 Mica Powders:

Glitter White

Black pearl





Glitter Gold

Shimmer Pearl


Gold Yellow



We recommend you buying our foaming salt making kits first to test the recipe before purchasing this assessment.

When you place an order for an assessment you will receive a email of the recipe and instructions to use. The actual assessment will be emailed to you within 2-3 weeks. The assessment will be written in the name of the person who ordered the assessment. Please ensure you have registered the NAME & EMAIL Address you wish your assessment made out to. Please leave the following information in order notes if different. If no note is on the order, the assessment will be made out to the person whose name is on the order and sent to the email address on the order.

The NAME of the responsible person.

The ADDRESS of the responsible person.

The EMAIL ADDRESS of the responsible person.

The listing is for the assessment (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) only. It is a document which is written in your name, and gives you the permission to sell your products legally within the UK and also EU. Ingredients are bought individually. The information listed above is what you will be able to use within this report. You do not have to buy every colour, and every fragrance or glitter that this report allows but it gives you the permission to do so.

It is the person listed on the assessments responsibility to make sure that they have suitable insurance, have correct labelling and also upload the products to the U.K Portal; this is not the responsibility of Fizzywhiz. The Fizzywhiz recipe remains the intellectual property of Fizzywhiz. It may not be shared, given away or sold on without Fizzywhiz written consent. Only those named on the CPSR and those under their supervision may use the assessment.

The assessment will be sent to our Assessor every Friday, it will take approximately 14-21 days to be returned to us. We will then forward the assessment to you via the email address that you provide on your order form.

The cut-off point for ordering the assessment is Thursday 5pm each week. This includes paying for the assessment & filling in the form. Any orders/forms submitted after this time will be processed the week after.

For this assessment you are restricted to use only Fizzywhiz fragrance oils, water soluble dyes & mica powders & glitters.

No refunds can be given due to the nature of the item. No additions or alterations are permitted

When you receive your assessment it is very important you read this carefully to fully understand what you need to do.






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