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Biodegradable Purple Glitter

Purple glitter

Our ultrafine biodegradable glitter is a eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter. Our glitter is plant based, cosmetic grade, cruelty free and 100% planet friendly way to add some sparkle to your products.

Plant based – Biodegradable – Cruelty free – GM free – Eco friendly – Cosmetic grade – Allergen free – Antimony free – Indefinite shelf life – Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Suitable for – Wax melts and candles, bath bombs, whipped soap, soap, bubble baths, shower gels, bubble bars, and other cosmetic products.

Each biodegradable glitter colour will come in a recyclable 10g pot.

Our biodegradable glitter is hex cut and measures approx. 0.08mm.




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