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8 Cell HB Style Clamshell

Our HB style clamshells have been designed to present and make your wax melts, as they take the hassle out of selecting from different silicone moulds and packaging options. These are also able to be posted large letter. Essentially a 2-in-1 mould and presentation pot, they also include a blank area to the front on which you can affix your branded labels. Perfect for personal use, to gift or to sell as they also benefit from a hanging slot, ideal for shop and stall displays!

Our clamshells are manufactured in the UK from high quality PET with an approximate capacity of 215g. You can either opt to fill each cavity with wax or fill with wax shapes, as our clamshells have been designed with a raised lid. Our clamshells are totally recyclable.

Quantity in each pack: 10pc, 50pc, 100pc 500pc.

Allow wax to cool to approximately 55°C to 68°C  before slowly pouring. Always pour on a protected surface. Pour a small amount into each clam first and allow to set slightly, to check for any weak spots or small leakages. If all is okay, proceed to slowly fill to your desired fill level

Allow to cool before closing the lid and leave to cure as necessary. We recommend using a pillar blend or are rapeseed and coconut wax as this type is harder and will allow your melts to be easily released from the mould.

160mm x 120mm x 20mm external dimensions

Each piece is about 25g, 50mm x 30mm x 18mm

Empty clamshell weighs about 28g


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