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100ml Shaker Bottles

100ml PET plastic shaker bottles & flapper cap not only allows for a quick and clean fill. The PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is food grade approved and 100% recyclable. It’s also lightweight and shatterproof – for online businesses looking to post products, our plastic jars are a great alternative to glass. The clear plastic has a glass-like appearance, which is perfect for enhancing the look of your product and providing your customer with a window to the goods inside. It’s also a great way of ensuring fewer breakages, whilst helping reduce transport costs too.

The jar has a recessed centre, which is perfect for adding your label, whilst the wide shoulder and base reduce the risks of the jars rubbing together when in transit. You’ll find this jar great for the storage and display. Simply screw the 38mm flapper cap on to the jar by hand. The cap has 2 convenient dispensing options: pour or shake! The cap also includes a pressure seal liner. This foam liner sits in the top of the cap and adheres to the jar neck, creating an airtight and leak-proof seal. This helps prolong the shelf life of your product, and also offers your customers a little reassurance that the product hasn’t been tampered with since production





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